• Hourly & Fixed Rates

Hourly & Fixed Rates

We have proven expertise in handling complex commercial litigation cases in all courts for 25 years.  We have represented all businesses and companies, large and small, as well as financial institutions including NAB, United Credit, Bank of Melbourne and Bank of Queensland.

Our fixed fees/rates for commercial contract work are also extremely competitive compared to the rates charged by other commercial law firms. We deliver practical cost effective legal advice with our hourly rates varying from $280 per hour to $520 depending on the type of matter and complexity.  For all cases we also offer fixed payment plan fees as an alternative.

Our practice is located outside of the Perth CBD and because of this our hourly rates are 20% lower than the standard rates charged by most Perth law firms.  Our rates are extremely competitive compared to the rates charged by other commercial law firms.

Having worked at Freehills, one of Australia's largest national law firms, for several years and becoming a partner of a middle sized firm, Marcus Ahern has seen the best and worst efficiency in legal practice.

Aherns Lawyers' hourly rates of partners, solicitors and law clerks are fixed at $280 - $520 per hour depending on the complexity of the matter. These hourly rates are extremely competitive when compared with the hourly rates of other commercial law firms.

Perth Lawyers Alternative Billing Methods/Fixed Fees

We can act for parties in litigation on the basis of a fixed, affordable, payment plan fee as opposed to charging an hourly rate.  If we are engaged on that basis you can pay a set fee, in return for us remaining on the record as acting for you in the action for a fixed period.  During that fixed period we will represent you and deal with whatever matters arise in the litigation during that time, including all court appearances and drafting of all court documents.

We deliver practical cost effective legal advice.

The most important factor in selecting a law firm is to plan who will appear for you at trial and assess how many staff are needed to work on the case. It is inefficient for several solicitors and partners to spend time perusing a file and all working on it and charging their hourly rates. The cumulative effect of law clerks charging $280 per hour, solicitors charging $430 per hour and partners charging $520 per hour is that well over $1000 per hour is spent on the file. The most efficient practice is to have tasks carried out by the least expensive person available who has the experience necessary for the task.

For this reason, our practice is to allow our selected barristers to liaise day to day with law clerks at Aherns Lawyers on issues such as preparation of the case and collating evidence, so that large cumulative hourly rates of higher paid solicitors are only used when necessary. 

The Supreme Court of Western Australia Scale of Fees is calculated on the basis of an hourly rate for Senior Practitioners of $473.00. The hourly rates charged by most senior practitioners on commercial and commercial litigation matters in other law firms are way in excess of that hourly rate.

The highest hourly rate charged on our complex commercial litigation files in the District and Supreme Courts is $520 per hour.

Our rates are generally 20% lower than most Law Firms.

In our experience sometimes clients shop around with quotes that we provide, which of course is their right.  We always tell clients, therefore, if they receive what they think is a better price they can forward it to us and we will match it.

Fixed Prices

Our aim is to have transparent pricing at commercially sensible rates.  We prepare the best commercial contracts for companies and individuals. We generally charge a fixed rate for drafting contracts, subject to the complexity of the contract.

Fixed prices are as minimum prices subject to confirmation:

Commercial advice on Contracts

Business, Corporate and Property Law

We also offer fixed prices on the following matters:

Property and Conveyancing

Commercial Agreements


Dispute Resolution

Civil Law

Please note that all fixed prices are exclusive of GST and disbursements.

Financial Review

The following extract is from an article in the Australian Financial Review on 16 May 2005 which discussed fees charged by law firms and supports the philosophy that is held by Aherns Lawyers.

"The cheapest qualified person to do each task that is required to be done on a file should do that task" Please see our fees and hourly rates above which sets out our approach in this regard.

Australia's largest law firms are coming under pressure from corporate clients to deliver more services for less money as organisations search for new ways to reduce costs. David Krasnostein, general counsel for the National Australia Bank, said 'If you step back and think about how a law firm can be efficient, what you want is the fewest number of hours put in a matter by the most expensive lawyers' he says. 'And you want the most amount of hours by the cheapest lawyers or paralegals, while at the same time maintaining a level of quality that you need'.