Employees Poaching Property and Clients


Wednesday, November 22, 2023

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Our rates and fixed prices are lower than the prices charged by many Perth Commercial law firms because we own our offices so we don't pay the exorbitant St George's Tce rent that many commercial law firms do.  

More and more we are advising employers on suing former employees who leave to set up their own business, or work for a competitor and then poach their old employer's clients.

Recently a court in NSW forced an accountant to repay to his old accounting firm $188,000 that he earned from a client which he had taken with him when he moved employment to a new firm.

We can prepare employment contracts to include restraint clauses making those employees who have attempted to take client bases with them liable for damages. We have also had several cases involving employees taking company property such as pricing structure and tender documents and other sensitive information giving them sensitive information allowing them to unfairly compete with their former employer. Employers have many options open to them to pursue their former employees.

Some of the services we have provided for our clients include sending letters of demand, demanding undertakings, reviewing employment contracts, providing advice on injunctions and commencing litigation.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

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