Manufacturing Agreements

We prepare manufacturing and all other type of industrial supply contracts for use by principal companies and sub-contractors which includes advice on damages clauses, warranties and strict non misuse of confidential information.

Manufacturing agreements, or supply agreements, are contracts setting out terms on which manufacturers will manufacture a product for clients.  A well drafted manufacturing agreement is important in ensuring that the manufacturing process is smooth and understood by all parties so that if anything goes wrong there are legally enforceable options set out in the agreement.

Product Warranties

It is important to consider what warranties are provided by a manufacturer to offer protection.  The protection will be to both sides, that is the manufacturer and the customer. 

The following warranties are usually included in manufacturing agreements:

  1. The manufacturer will comply with the requirements of the agreement, the specifications provided and with all applicable laws, rules and regulations which apply.
  2. The products will be fit for purpose and of merchantable quality; and
  3. The products will be free from any defects in workmanship, design and material.

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