Copyright Breaches and Disputes

Copyright infringement under Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), commencement of legal proceedings for copyright infringement, alternative dispute resolution.

Our practice is located outside of the Perth CBD and because of this our hourly rates and fixed prices for commercial work and for litigation are 20% lower than the standard rates charged by most Perth law firms.  Our rates are extremely competitive compared to the rates charged by other commercial law firms. 

We can act for parties in litigation on the basis of a fixed, affordable, fee paid monthly as opposed to charging an hourly rate.  If we are engaged on that basis you can pay a set fee, often at a discounted rate, in return for us remaining on the record as acting for you in the action for a fixed period.  During that fixed period we will represent you and deal with whatever matters arise in the litigation during that time, including all court appearances and drafting of all court documents.

Further more information regarding see our Hourly and Fixed Fees page.

In Australia, the Copyright Act 1968 governs the existence of copyright material.  Notwithstanding the fact that certain business offering copyright protection of registration services of copyright for a fee, there is no formal registration process or formalities in place for the protection of copyright.  Copyright protection is automatically attached to an original work at the time in which it is created.

Once copyrighted work comes into existence, there are exclusive economic rights that are provided to the creator of the work, for example the right to copy and publish.  Additionally, the creators of the copyrighted material are also afforded a bundle of non-economic rights or moral rights in respect of the integrity and attribution of authorship.

Businesses often have their trade secrets misappropriated by former employees and competitors. 

For more information see our page on Employees stealing trade secrets.