Alternative Dispute Resolution

We prepare dispute resolution clauses for our clients that make the resolution of disputes quicker and possibly more cost effective than having to have a dispute resolved in Court.

Many contracts contain dispute resolution clause that provide for expert determination.

When contracts contain dispute resolution clauses it is vital that they are strictly followed, as a failure to do so can amount to a breach of contract. 

Often, ADR procedures are not available or not appropriate and court action is the only alternative.

Litigation is always an option. Read here for more information on our litigation services and fee options.   Our lawyers and law clerks work closely with our selected commercial barristers and work that can be done at lower hourly rates is always done at those rates.

Our rates and fixed prices are lower than the prices charged by many Perth Commercial law firms because we own our offices so we don't pay the exorbitant St George's Tce rent that many commercial law firms do.  .

We provide fixed price same day quotes and commit to a fixed 7 day turnaround for all commercial work.  For litigation, our lawyers and law clerks work closely with selected commercial barristers and we also we provide alternative fee structures including fixed fees paid by instalments.

Whether you need to recover damages or defend a contract based claim, it is easier, cheaper and quicker for that to be resolved by following dispute resolution procedures set out in contracts than by having to conduct Court proceedings.

Our contracts require the parties to meet to resolve the dispute. If the matter can’t be settled an Arbitrator can be appointed to make a decision. Because hearings before Arbitrators are far quicker than Court there is a greater likelihood of settlement because of the early pressure placed on both sides to be reasonable.

We can provide dispute resolution clauses for inclusion in your contracts for a fixed price that can include reviewing all of your existing terms and conditions in your contracts of preparing a new contract for you.

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