Legal Advice on Terms And Conditions


For 25 years we have provided specialised, tailored Terms and Conditions (not computer generated ones) for businesses of all sizes located Australia wide in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Brisbane.  We specalise in contract advice and preparation, dispute resolution and also offer fixed prices for our services.

  1. Every business must have well prepared Terms and Conditions not generic or computer precedent ripoffs or documents prepared by ad-driven cyberspace companies or lawyers - use real Lawyers!
  2. We provide terms and conditions for contracts to protect individuals, small and medium size businesses and large companies and to provide security for payment.
  3. We can prepare terms and conditions for use with your business, or if you already have terms and conditions for your business we can check them for you and update them if necessary.
  4. Every set of terms and conditions is tailored to suit your business.  It is no use just using a precedent set off the internet as they will not necessarily be suitable for Western Australian businesses and internet precedents have not been prepared by experts.

Our rates and fixed prices are lower than the prices charged by many Perth Commercial law firms because we own our offices so we don't pay the exorbitant St George's Tce rent that many commercial law firms do. 

Further information can be found here regarding our fixed fees.

We have provided the best cost effective fixed price commercial advice on all business contracts, in both review and preparation, for businesses located in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Brisbane, and on all of the commercial risks that need to be considered for 25 years.  We have advised individuals and businesses of all sizes, small and large, and several national financial institutions since 1994.

We also provide advice on and prepare all commercial contracts generally in construction, mining, commercial supply and distribution.

For those of you involved in Industry Steel Work, Mining or Building Contracts please read more here.

Talk to our lawyers today about a full set of terms and conditions tailored to each client's needs which include clauses dealing with the following common concerns:

  • Retention of Title 
  • Caveat Over Property 
  • Variations
  • Time Extensions
  • Personal Guarantees

Commercial advice on Contracts

  • Legal advice on Sale of Business Agreements
  • Legal advice on Commercial Contracts
  • Legal advice on Commercial Terms and Conditions
  • Legal advice on Contract Terms for Industry - steel work, mining and building contracts
  • Legal advice on Terms & Conditions of Contracts

Business, Corporate and Property Law

  • Leases
  • All Commercial Contracts
  • Purchase and sale of properties
  • All company searches and business name searches
  • Preparation of standard terms of trading including securities clauses and costs recoverable clauses
  • Advising on and preparing documentation on business structures
  • Purchase and sale of business or companies
  • Settlements